About Laser Hair Removal And Its Working

By | June 9, 2022

Lasers are the current most popular treatment option in permanent reduction of hair. When done properly and with the right machine laser hair removal can be an effective and safe procedure with minimal or no negative side consequences.

If you make the wrong choice when using the wrong laser , or making use of incorrect laser settings, the treatment could result in painful, or may not be effective and may cause permanent scarring and skin damage. You can find the best Beam hair removal Hawaii via online.

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It is vital that your treatment with lasers is carried out by highly qualified and experienced laser therapists typically this is a certified beauty therapist and not a nurse. The laser therapists should be certified by the manufacturer's training program specifically designed for the laser, and the clinic must be monitored by a reputable organization. 

How do Lasers Work?

Lasers emit an intense beam of light which is taken up in the hair follicle. It is then pulsed or turned on for just a fraction of a second. The length of every pulse is enough to treat the hair follicle and not harm the skin surrounding it. After being absorbed, the laser energy transforms into heat, which destroys the hair bulb located at the bottom of the hair follicle.

The shade of your hair is determined by its presence in a color known as melanin. It is created by melanocytes within the bulb of hair. Laser hair removal is the focus of laser's energy is melanin pigment.