All About Recombinant Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies

By | September 9, 2021

Rabbit polyclonal antibody recombinant products are an exclusive offering. These recombinant antibody mixtures are co-expressed from a variety of heavy and lightweight chains.

Recombinant rabbit polyclonal antibody provides the best of both worlds: the sensitivity of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, but with the consistency that only a recombinant can provide. You can get the best service of rabbit polyclonal antibody production via

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Functionally, the polyclonal antibodies are identical to polyclonal antibodies. Identifying numerous epitope sites on targets and making advanced finding sensitivity for low-abundance targets, the precise population of heavy and light chains in a recombinant, polyclonal antigen can be produced in all lots.

This eliminates the biological variability that is often associated with polyclonal production.

Production of recombinant rabbit polyclonal antibodies

Recombinant rabbit polyclonal antibodies are consistent with other polyclonal antibody types, but they can be made without animal-origin.

Bunnies are immunized. Instead of using hybridisms to screen them, (PBMC) is isolated from the rabbits and screened. After the DNA has been cloned and screened, it is expressed using an optimized mammalian expression cartridge. This DNA can be used to produce cell culture-based formulations that are animal-free.

Recombinant rabbit polyclonal antibody has many advantages.

Because banked DNA is not subject to cell drift, a phenomenon in which hybridomas alter their expression patterns over time, recombinant rabbit polyclonal antibody results in superior lot-to-lot reproducibility.

The screening process used to make recombinant rabbit polyclonal antibody is three-step. This ensures that the antibody produced has greater specificity and sensitivity.

Additional benefits include:

Higher specificity and sensitivity than another polyclonal antibody
Recombinant technology ensures consistency from lot to lot
Cell culture has produced animal-free formulations
Multiple screens during development lead to improved antibody performance