Different Types Of Contact Lenses

By | February 26, 2021

Contact lenses are small circular pieces of glass that are applied to the eye for cosmetic, corrective, and medical reasons. The idea was initially generated in 1508 through Leonardo da Vinci. As time passes, contact lenses have enhanced. These improvements produced a variety of lenses defined by their features, lifespan, and usage. If you want to purchase oculus quest lenses, visit https://www.vr-wave.store/


Soft contact and rigid contact (RGP) are two features of contact lenses. They're made of materials (permeable polymers) that allow adequate oxygen to be obtained through the cornea of the eye. Soft contact lenses are more comfortable to use than rigid gas permeable contacts.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses need more time to allow the consumer to become accustomed. In contrast to rigid gas permeable lenses, softer lenses are more fragile and more vulnerable to eye contamination as a result of their thinner layer. RGP also has its own edges as it relates to its program since it is simple to remove and place.

There are two main kinds of wear time namely daily and extended wear. These are ideal for sensitive and allergic eyes. Considering daily disposable lenses do not require cleaning, some people believe it even more hassle-free compared to others.

Such lenses need to be thrown before bedtime, so these are made for daytime use only. By comparison, prolonged wears are functional for a fixed duration without removing the lens.  The lenses used in a month are said to be super permeable because they contain silicone hydrogels that provide more oxygen than other lenses.

Contacts have different functions. They can be used for the trend, corrective and therapeutic purposes. There are a variety of cosmetic lenses like a light-filtering tint. Color tints vary from eyeshadow to different colors but are mostly purple, black, and green. There are also lenses created for sports known as light-filtering tints. The enhancement tint enhances eye color through its translucent tint.