Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Beneficial

By | December 17, 2021

Experts suggest that children should see an orthodontist before the age of seven. Although the majority of patients don't require treatment for orthodontics at this age, by developing a relationship with an orthodontic professional, he can observe your child's progress and help determine the best time to start treatment in order to get optimal outcomes.

While dental orthodontic treatment can be done at any time, however, we have better results earlier in the process. The reason for this is that the jaw is still developing and responds to changes in the teeth. The early treatment will help avoid the need for extractions or surgeries in the future.

Orthodontist Treatments

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For certain people, the treatment plan should start prior to the time i.e. when all permanent teeth have formed. This two-phase procedure consists of a treatment phase which is followed by a time of observation and an additional phase of treatment to improve the function and bite.

Orthodontists are able to spot issues before permanent teeth begin to come in, and they can utilize early intervention to straighten crooked and aligned teeth, to create or preserve areas for the permanent teeth to emerge. Orthodontists also can correct bite issues by guiding jaw development and can even help reduce the speech issues caused by jaw problems.

Parents need to be aware that early intervention therapy doesn't mean that a child will not require further treatment in the future. In fact, early intervention may reduce the need for future treatment as it is likely that the issues have been made simpler due to earlier treatment.