Essence of Alcohol Testing of Employees at Workplace

By | April 28, 2021

At present, employers are quite concerned about the expenses and results of the excessive consumption of liquor by staff at work. The employers have understood that there is a requirement for strong drink testing of the employees at the workplace.

Therefore, employers utilize various types of liquor and drug testing services, so that the staff can overcome strong drink issues and become more productive in their work. If your business also requires effective drug and alcohol testing then you can opt for the services of First Aid Training Group Pty Ltd.

Requirements for alcohol testing at work

There are requirements for conducting strong alcohol and drug testing at work as the heavy drinking of the staff is showing a negative impact on their health and productivity, and hence employer profits and expenses. According to research, almost 40% of the industrial sectors are prone to injuries and 47% of the injuries happen in the workplace in the US that is associated with strong drink abuse and alcoholics.


Techniques for employee alcohol testing

Alcohol may be tested by utilizing different ways like urine testing, blood testing, and strong drink testing by utilizing tools like oral saliva strong drink and mobile drug tests, and breathalyzers. As the density of alcohol in saliva is just like blood-strong drink Content (BAC), saliva is a preferred mobile alcohol testing technique.

The detection of strong drinks in the urine generally implements Ethyl Glucuronide (EIG), a direct result of the metabolism of ethanol strong drinks. The density of EtG in the urine is utilized to detect recent consumption of alcohol, even after the ethanol alcohol is no longer that can be detected by other techniques.