Get Skilled Nursing Facilities

By | August 20, 2021

A skilled nursing facility is a lot like a nursing home but offers more “skilled” medical expertise and services. They have licensed nurses and therapists on staff to assist residents with their medical care.

Due to the type of services they provide, it’s an excellent option for guests who require any of the following:

·Tube feedings

·Complex wound dressings

·Rehabilitation after an accident or a stroke

·Physical or occupational therapy

·Speech therapy

Some hospitals and some nursing homes have their own skilled nursing facilities. If you’re at a loss with where to start looking, then you can get the skilled nursing facilities that profit people with its tailored billing solutions.

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It’s noteworthy that, unlike a nursing home, a skilled nursing facility accommodates residents of all ages. Patients are often moved to a skilled nursing facility once they’re discharged from a hospital, but still, need additional time and assistance to recuperate.

Medicare will cover a stay at a skilled nurse facility if the patient’s doctor deems it necessary for the patient to receive such care. Coverage includes:

·Ambulance transportation

·Skilled nursing care


·Intravenous injections

·Medical supplies and equipment

·Therapy (physical, occupational, or speech)


·A semi-private room

While such a list is encouraging, there is a caveat: Medicare will only cover up to 100 days in total of skilled nursing.