Getting to Know Business Intelligence Technology

By | October 8, 2020

Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the terms that conjure up an air of converting operation. However, the role of the core of this technology is to facilitate decision-making. 

Until now, business intelligence applications are limited to large and medium-sized companies, but technology is gaining popularity. BI promising type of information support any business manager or decision-maker can use. This article gives an overview of a potentially powerful tool for this business. You can get powerful BI reports & dashboards via online sources.

An Introduction to Self-Service Business Intelligence

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What is business intelligence?

The simple answer is there is no single definition that is universally used for BI. Developers can define technology in a way that supports their own brand of business intelligence software. Regardless of the exact words of the definition, the following applies throughout the brand BI:

BI is not a single tool. Most often, it is a collection of related technologies, tools, and functions. The components of this explain why technology is often characterized as a system. The core functionality of the BI system is to collect, coordinate, and turn data into information efficiently. 

Not surprisingly, the integrated software, the more diverse data analysis capabilities. BI deployment customized to fit the needs of companies and industries. In essence, business intelligence is what your company makes it – depending on the use and function.