Go For The Ultimate Finish Of Slings

By | June 3, 2021

We provide a vast selection of health care slings that permits patients to enjoy the advantages of motion even through amputations. View the selection of amputee slings and get our friendly sales agents if you have some queries.

Amputee Sling: Recommended for raising patients using high-level amputations. They've head service and a commode aperture to offer a secure and safe lift. Designed to be easy and safe to use for both institutional and home use.

Amputee Pocket Sling: An adapted version of this Silvalea Convenience Sling with cushioned rolls. It has the advantages of a convenience sling but is acceptable for both the single and double amputee in which the amputation is over the knee.

Hammock Sling: A full body sling with the rear of the Twist located under the shoulder.

Amputee High Easy Sling: According to the High Easy Transfer Sling with the inclusion of a commode horn or bridge, which makes it appropriate for any duration of amputation.

An amputation is a painful event, but it shouldn't prevent patients from living life to the fullest and we plan to aid them in whatever manner possible.

That is why our amputee slings take into account different amputation positions like beneath the knee and also trans pelvically.

Our amputee slings may be used both independently and in hospitals and institutions since they're made to make motion and transports comfortable for patients irrespective of their level of amputation.

They are available in a variety of sizes to suit consumers of all ages and since we maintain our amputee slings in stock they're easily available for immediate dispatch throughout the country.