Have you heard of the Bauer’s Bump?

By | July 25, 2022

There one matter that lots of ice hockey participants complain about which is something which has become known as the Bauer Bump. Bauer are one of the major brands of ice hockey skates, so the condition is termed after them, even though they can happen in almost any make of ice hockey skate. The problem is usually just what is recognized as Haglund’s deformity or maybe a retrocalcaneal bursitis. Additionally, it may get referred to as a pump bump. This means there is an swelling on the heel bone behind that any kind of type of footwear such as an ice hockey skate will probably irritate and also lead to an inflammation of the bursa there. It's not something that is exclusive with ice hockey and Haglund’s deformity could happen to anyone in any footwear when the footwear irritates an enlargement behind the heel bone.

Characteristically, the growth can be found at the rear of the calcaneus bone which is simple to grasp exactly how any boot or footwear will probably worsen this enlargement. This continuing irritation will inflame a bursa that's on the heel bone there and it may become red and enlarged through this. That inflammation can now and again become so bad that anti-inflammatory drugs may be needed to lessen the pain and the swelling.

Exactly what mainly could an ice hockey participant do for this Bauers Bump? Sometimes simply shifting the brand of ice hockey skates maybe all that is required, and you do note a number of anecdotes from ice hockey participants this is what they did and it resolved Bauer’s bump. A good skate boot fitters will probably have the know how to grind away a hole inside the heel counter area of the skate boots. Several may also make use of a heat gun and expand the heel counter area away somewhat over the spot. There are also a number of patches that can be used to help keep pressure off of the painful bump. This can include silicon gel shielding pads, occasionally integrated into a sock. Plenty of players report that this really is beneficial and advise this. Other types of patches shaped like a horseshoe, or a doughnut can be fashioned to go around the painful region and stop the skate from pushing on the painful area at the back of the heel bone. This can be an ongoing issue as the swelling in the bursa is often decreased with these strategies, but the enlarged heel bone is still likely to be there long-term, so may be easily inflammed once more. The only option to get rid of the bone and Bauer’s bump completely is surgery to remove the enlarged bone. While this is an excellent choice long-term it is a bit complicated because the Achilles tendon will have to be taken off to get at the bone to remove it and after that the Achilles is attached back into place. The drawback with this is the lengthier rehab that is required as a result of the need to get the tendon move away.