House Washing And Tips For Cleaning The Siding

By | July 22, 2020

Pressure washing, occasionally referred to as power washing, is an effective means of cleaning the outside of your property or making final preparations before just painting it. 

Pressure washing is the spraying of water or any detergent at a high speed. This process helps  remove dirt, and old paint from the siding of the home and thus is quite effective in house washing.

home power washing

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A pressure washer is suitable for many siding materials such as vinyl, metal, and too numerous masonry types. But a pressure washer should not be used on wood or brick siding. 

That is because a sustained strong speed spray of water at a particular stage can erode the grain of their wood or dislodge the mortar that is between the bricks. All these surfaces aside, a pressure washer may be used for various other house washing jobs.

To get the best home washing results, hold the nozzle of the washer approximately three feet away from the wall and move closer to the wall till the spray becomes adequately robust.

Also, take extreme care in which you don't ever point the nozzle at any individual and to wear eye protection as the water comes out at extremely high pressure. Make sure that there aren't any electric devices as you are engaged in your various house washing tasks.

Additionally, take care in protecting plants, light, and other delicate objects around you with duct tape, drop cloths, and plastic totes. It's also best to maneuver any outdoor furniture that can get in the way of your cleaning.