How To Choose The Right Commissary Kitchen For You

By | May 13, 2021

Before looking for a kitchen for rent, it is important to consider what type of kitchen is best for your needs. 

Make sure the facility you choose fits your business, how it works today, and where you want to be in six months and a year or more. You can also look for the best shared commissary kitchen via

Moving is expensive and difficult. So if you think ahead and find a place that offers maximum flexibility, it will pay off. You can make the right choice by following this checklist:

Production Time: Determine how much production time you can expect each month and weekly (also useful for knowing the days and hours of the week). 

The more time consumed in production, the more likely an exclusive, private area in a commissary adroitness will best serve you. In general, a full-time exclusive space is probably the best option when you are in production for more than 20 hours a week.

Storage and supplies: Include your expected inventory needs, including those for raw materials, packaging, and finished products, and how many of them will be stored in dry, chilled, or frozen storage.

Investigate other facilities you may need to keep your operations running, including office space, packing room, USDA offices, and more.

Location:  Define search scopes for locations accessible to you and your employees and for facilities operating under the health license (retail or wholesale) required for your business.

Try to identify a commissary kitchen that has a large selection of spaces and maintains facilities that give you the flexibility to track your growth wherever you go.