How To Know If Self-Publishing Is For You

By | September 27, 2021

Self-publishing can be a viable option for those who wish to share their knowledge and make money. It's not right for everyone. Self-publishing should be treated as a business just like any other.

Because I believe that self-publishing can help authors share their expertise, make a difference in lives, and achieve the Dream, I support it strongly. I know because I have built a publishing business and a successful writing career.

This is why I believe that quality self-publishing, while beneficial for many, is not suitable for all. Although I want to encourage self-publishing for as many people as possible, I also want people to avoid making the wrong decision and publishing their books in self-publishing. This informative post will help you decide if self-publishing suits you.

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1. Are you ready to take control of your book?

Self-publishers cannot just sit back and allow others to make the decisions. Participation is essential. Many self-publishers find this attractive as they want to control how their books are designed and marketed. You are credited for your success.

2. Are you a busy person?

Self-publishing is a way to spend time working on details about your business. Are you able to manage your time and complete the work? This could be waking up earlier than usual to go to work or using breaks to call about your book while at work. It might mean taking a vacation to promote your book or publishing business. 

3. Do you have the funds?

Did I mention that self-publishing is considered a business? It will cost money. Don't be deceived by vanity presses and print-on-demand options promising to make you a published author for only a few hundred dollars. Although you can be a published author for a few hundred dollars it is not a good deal. You will need to invest money in order to seriously pursue self-publishing.