Indoor Plant Cleaning Tips to Follow at Home

By | April 15, 2021

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For an indoor plant, little amounts of water and light are needed for its growth and survival. However, many people often forget to clean these plants as it is important and necessary. For instance; cleaning of indoor plant only takes after pores on the surface of the plant are spotted which is already a bad sign. Formation of pores means the basic ability of the plant such as breathing, producing food suffers along with more problems. Therefore, it is important to clean the indoor plant if you have in your house with the help of these tips.

  1. Consider the Type of the Plant – The cleaning procedure of indoor plant differs based on their type. Before the cleaning work begins, make sure you understand the type of your indoor plant.
  2. Consider Using Cosmetic Products – You can use simple cosmetic products to clean the indoor plant after figuring out the type. A feather duster is the perfect example for cleaning the leaves of the indoor plant. Another alternative of feather duster is to use a child tooth brush to clean the leaves.
  3. Consider not Using Anything that is Stupid – There have been cases where milk and oil are used to clean indoor plants by plant owners. It may sound stupid yet it is as pores tend to form more by using such products. Instead, consider non-detergent soap which helps to get rid of the pores keeping the plant clean.

These tips are important to follow during the time of cleaning your indoor plant. Wedding plant hire also ensure they follow these tips to clean their indoor plant.