Introduction Of 3D Models In Interior Designing In Malaysia

By | August 5, 2021

In this chaotic world with complex drawings, it is difficult for one to imagine what one is going to come across. With 3D visualization, what you see is what gets built. With the advent of 3D visualization schemes and favorable results, two-dimensional schemes have become primitive and unsatisfactory, forcing us to shift from 2D to impressive 3D worlds.

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2D illustrations make it difficult for interior designers to convey their ideas to customers in any way they can imagine.

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But the introduction of 3D modeling allowed us to have a holistic view of space that combines all design elements from artifacts to furniture in one demonstration. As a result, the customer feels part of the virtual world and experiences the same as he would in real life.

3D models allow one to imagine what effect natural and artificial light will have on the project. The right type of light will create the right atmosphere and feel for the scene by simulating a shadow pattern in relation to the individual components and materials used.

Some 3D software can precisely simulate the direction of the sun over a project if exact location coordinates are provided in the software. In addition, 3D software mimics the haptic feel of a surface in relation to the surface structure and can convey the same visually.