IOSH Working Safely Course: All You Need To Know

By | June 23, 2022

The IOSH Working Safely course is a safety training program offered by the International Organization for Safety and Health at work (IOSH). It was developed to help workers stay safe on the job. The course covers topics such as personal Protective Equipment (PPE), first aid, hazard identification, and work-related Fatal Accidents. It is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. 

The IOSH Working Safely course is designed for workers who are employed in certain industries, such as construction, manufacturing, food service, transportation and logistics, health care and social assistance. It is also recommended for workers who may be exposed to potential workplace hazards. 

The course is six hours long and covers topics such as: 

  • What is PPE? 

  • How do I choose the right type of PPE? 

  • What are the different types of PPE? 

  • How do I put on PPE correctly? 

  • What are the dangers of not wearing PPE? 

  • How do I use first aid if I am injured on the job? 

  • What are some common fatal accident causes?

Benefits of the IOSH Working Safely

The IOSH Working Safely course is designed to help workers stay safe on the job. The benefits of taking the course include: 

  • Improved safety awareness and skills

  • Increased knowledge of health and safety laws and regulations

  • Better communication with colleagues

  • Reduced risk of injuries and illnesses

  • Improved morale and productivity

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