Let us Discuss on Garden boundary

By | December 2, 2020

You can try recycling wood boards by using them to make a good old-fashioned panel fence for your garden. Color wash it Tom Sawyer style and you will have a great looking boundary wall. You can also get the best idea about diy garden edging via https://www.enviroblocks.com.au/

Crush colored glass and old CDs and make attractive borders for your plants or to use as a top dressing for plant pots. Tires that are wire-free can be cut up and used in the play area to cushion the falls that are inevitable when you have kids

Organic compost is king – there's no denying that making your own compost pile is still one of the best ways to encourage nutrient-rich soil the natural way.

You can produce a really healthy garden that is environmentally friendly through the use of organic pesticides and fertilizers. There are however other products like bone meal, fish emulsion, rock phosphate, and blood meal among others that can provide organic nutrients to the garden.

If you have to use pesticides then choose from the range of natural products that are available to kill a particular pest or weeds. Not all insects we consider pests really are pests, in fact, many of them are necessary and beneficial for the garden. Educate yourself in this area and try not to make too much use of pesticides natural or otherwise.

Many products for disease control tend to leave a heavy footprint on the environment and it is best not to use these harsh insecticides.

There are gentler products that can be equally effective and best of all they are totally environmentally friendly. Plant disease can be fought with solutions made from baking soda, mild and certain mild cooking oils. Try potassium bicarbonate – it is effective in curing quite a few plant diseases.