Leverback Earrings and Styles

By | October 21, 2021

Click and snap, leverback earrings will help you not to lose that pair of earrings. The leverback adds simple and secure elegance to any set of earrings. The way the wire goes around the ear and snaps into place makes sure you do not have earrings falling off, never to be found.

The curved wire shaped like a "j" holds dangling earrings, studs, or a variety of gemstones. The most widely used material is gold, although silver plastic and plated metals have their share of the market as well.St. silver leverback earrings Leverback earrings add beauty and style.

The wire used adds very little weight to the earring. Expensive stones and gems can be worn with a little more confidence due to the leverback adding a secure fastening of the earring. When used as hoop earrings, they attach easier than the traditional wire that is hard to see and never really knowing if it is attached properly.

The safety of the leverback and the snapping in of the wire will ensure that you will not lose that pair of expensive or favorite earrings. The wire used to make the earrings as well as choices of styles denote pricing. A casual style, but tasteful, can run under ten dollars. When adding gems or pearls such as rubies, opals or diamonds, your price will climb, depending on the stone, the quality, and size.