Skin Tightening and Anti-Aging Treatments

By | March 30, 2021

Traditionally, the only method to deal with skin dysfunction was an operation. This included a lot of inconveniences, important downtime, and the possibility of scarring. For those who are starting to notice skin problems on the neck and face, tightening the skin using infrared light is a great option.

Skin tightening and anti-aging treatment works on the principle of volumetric bulk dermal heating. Infrared light creates 1-3 mm of heat below the skin. This generation of heat compels the collagen to regenerate and contract itself which occurs up to two months following the procedure.


Tightening the skin using infrared light is not a replacement for a facelift for those who have extreme skin issues. Many skincare remedies for anti-aging are advertised and available. Deciding that's best can be a difficult challenge for anyone unfamiliar with skincare rejuvenation and regeneration treatments.

You will find just three laser treatments available that differentiate the three main levels of the epidermis. It has skin, dermal papillary layer, and deep dermis. When penetrating the skin, the targets are generally brown and reddish in the skin that can take the form of sunlight damage / brownish stains and broken capillaries / diffuse redness.

When penetrating the dermal papillary layer, you are stimulating collagen remodeling and re-growth which is fantastic for improving texture and tone and nice lines. Infrared light for skin malfunction is entering the deep dermis that reduces collagen regeneration. 

Sometimes, regrettably, invasive surgery is the sole remedy. Fortunately, more frequently than not, sagging or dull skin may be treated through non-invasive processes that can provide you with the results you are aiming for.