Suggestions For A Green Burial Or Green Funeral

By | April 14, 2022

To accommodate the wishes of environmentally-conscious consumers, the funeral industry now offers a wide range of "green" burial or "green" funeral practices. If you're unsure of what is "green" Here are some guidelines developed through advocacy organizations. 

Due to the need for expanding cemeteries to allow future green funeral services and the effects of these expansions on the ecosystem around them Many green burial organizations currently advocate for cremation as a viable alternative. Consider cremation options that adhere to practices that require less energy use if you decide that cremation is a possibility you're thinking of.

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Guidelines For Green Funerals

This is an area where eco-friendly burial advocates have created guidelines that have a large amount of environmental impact. When planning a funeral it's possible to request that mourners donate money to charities instead of having fresh flowers brought to the funeral or church home by a variety of vehicles.

Guidelines For Burials In Green Methods

There are two guidelines to be followed for the actual burial of the remains that are considered "green." The first is that the casket is constructed out of biodegradable and non-toxic materials, and the second is that the burial should not comprise the use of vaults. 

Utilize these guidelines to research the practices of green burial offered in your region. There are also numerous details from groups that promote green burial on the internet. As the green burial movement gains greater recognition, environmentally-friendly pre-burial, funeral and burial practices are liable to become the norm, rather than the exception.