Thumbsucking – Does Your Toddler Have A Problem?

By | October 5, 2020

It is important how hard the child sucks the thumb. We used a "thumb test" at night to determine how difficult it was to stop night sucking. After our child falls asleep, we gently stick our thumbs in his mouth. If it comes off easily, it doesn't suck much dust. However, after a lot of vacuuming, they still have strong habits and it is proven that their intensity level can cause misalignment of the teeth.

However, it is important to note that most children will stop thumb sucking on their own without intervention. For those of us who need to help our children, the following techniques can be used or can also visit some sites like

– Less pressure is better

Building a power struggle is the last thing you want to do. Do you think you remember some obstinate adults? Wait until you meet a 3-year-old child who believes he is God.

– Involve your child

The explanation that thumb sucking is good for young babies but growing up could mean more important is a song that many young people cannot resist. Discuss when your child is sucking the most and why they feel good. Patiently listen to her worries and worries. These are important clues that will help you create a successful thumb-sucking strategy.

– Do it long term

Some children give up literally overnight. However, for those who are still interested in the habit, the change will come more slowly. Think for months, maybe a year or more. Instead of giving up, admit that this is a lifelong change.