Tips for Identifying Quality Equipment CNC Routers

By | October 26, 2021

Used CNC routers offer a welcomed price break from the expensive new ones, which cost between four and seven figures depending on the grade, size, and equipment design. However, as with any type of pre-owned woodworking machines, consider the condition of the pre-owned CNC machinery that you buy. Otherwise, you may end up with equipment that performs poorly and is unreliable. If you are planning on buying a pre-owned CNC Routers, be sure to consider the tips below as your conduct your search:

Shop with trusted sellers

A reputable seller is defined by several things, including the physical location where the equipment is kept. An equipment facility is not necessary for amateur sellers, since they don't recondition or purchase enough products.

Referrals are a sign of a seller's credibility. Referrals from professional sellers are more likely to be positive than those from amateur sellers. Another indicator that a seller is trustworthy is its refusal to push the sale. A seller who is not a professional often pushes for the sale simply because it has few customers.

Reconditioned machinery

Reconditioned woodworking machines have undergone thorough cleaning, had worn parts replaced and had any exterior imperfections corrected. They look and work like new but are significantly cheaper than new equipment. Although used CNC routers are cheaper than reconditioned models, the savings is not worth the lower performance or lack of reliability.