Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

By | June 29, 2022

A trade show exhibit rental is an agreement between a company and an exhibit provider to display products or services of the company at a trade show. 

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Trade shows are great for introducing new products to potential customers, but they aren’t the best place for showing off your brand’s personality. If you’re a small business, a trade show might be the best option for you; if you have a more established brand, you may want to consider exhibiting at a consumer or business event instead. 

Trade show exhibit rental prices vary depending on the size and type of space you need:

Fixed rates usually take into account the number of days you need the space (or the length of your exhibit), while per-day rates vary based on the time of day you need it (morning, afternoon, or evening).

Be sure to compare prices carefully before making a decision – you might be able to get a better deal by renting space through an event management company instead of dealing directly with an exhibitor. 

How to Rent Trade Show Exhibits for A Small Business:

Talk to Your Local Trade Show Association. Most trade show associations have a rental program that can save you money. You will need to contact your local trade show association to find out how to join the program and how much it costs. 

Look for Trade Show Rental Companies Online. There are many online trade show rental companies that offer lower prices than traditional trade show rental companies. However, these companies may not have the same quality of exhibit as the traditional companies. 

Compare Prices and Quality Before Making a Decision. Once you have selected an online or traditional trade show rental company, compare the prices and quality of the exhibits before making a decision.