Wall Ties Services Of Sydney-Making The Cavity Walls Stable

By | December 28, 2021

A cavity wall is a load-sharing system that uses ties in specific patterns and provides extra resistance to weather conditions because of the cavity. The other main advantages of cavity walls include thermal insulation, sound insulation, preventing moisture from entering from outside, and structural stability.

The material of construction or the structure of the cavity wall can vary, and the strength of these walls also depends upon the tying mechanism and tying product (wall tie) being used. You can get the services of https://www.keystonepointing.com.au/wall-tie-replacement-sydney to get wall tie replacement in Sydney.

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Wall ties are the important member which significantly determines the stability of a cavity wall.

Builders use wall ties in cavity walls to hold the two walls together and stop them from bulging or bowing. Horizontal cracking in brickwork, external rendering, or building blocks can often be caused by the failure of cavity wall ties.

When the cavity wall ties corrode they expand to several times their original thickness, which causes the wall to crack at the mortar joints and often results in major damage and sometimes collapse of the wall.

The type and density of wall ties depend upon certain factors like the area of uncontrolled brickwork, the extent of exposure to wind, the size of the cavity height of the building, and the typical nature of the structure.

If you are facing a wall tie failure, you should contact the specialist company. Their qualified surveyor will carry out a survey on the existing cavity wall ties using a metal detector, borescope, and damp meter and by drilling into the wall at appropriate intervals he will view inside the cavity to check for cavity wall tie corrosion.