What are the Different Kinds of Dentures?

By | January 11, 2021

Cosmetic dentures are used to replace cracked, broken, or missing teeth. You can find a dentist providing services for dentures in Lexington MA. Dentures are teeth replacement options and are of 2 types (complete dentures, partial dentures).

Let’s see how both of these work:

Complete Dentures:

These dentures replace all the teeth and so are exactly what we frequently refer to as “false teeth”. They’re made of a plastic base that is usually colored to duplicate the gum tissue. The artificial teeth are created either of porcelain/plastic.

Complete dentures are held in place from the mouth by suction, thus forming a seal into the gums, or they can also be attached to dental implants which are set into the jaw bone via the surgical process.


Partial Dentures:

Cosmetic partial dentures fill the gap caused by missing teeth and also prevent the other natural teeth from changing position. They can be taken out for cleaning or during the night.

These dentures are made either of a metal frame or plastic base to support the artificial teeth required to replace the missing ones.

You will find far more innovative materials used recently for partial dentures which offers a flexible and durable option and utilizes internal attachments rather than clasps to get a more natural-looking appearance.