What Is Cloud ERP And How Does It Work?

By | December 9, 2020

Cloud ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that runs on a vendor's cloud platform, as opposed to an on-premises network, allowing organizations to access the Internet. 

ERP software integrates and automates essential financial and operational business functions and provides a single source of data including inventory, order, and supply chain management. You can find the best cloud ERP solution from various online sources.

 Cloud ERP

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Given this scope, any ERP system should be highly available to all business units, where employees are working and can provide an integrated, up-to-date view of data. Cloud-based ERP as a service meets these requirements. Because organizations use the software on the Internet, all involved are connections and a browser.


It’s important to understand some basic concepts associated with cloud ERP as we dive deeper into the subject:

  • Deployment Strategy:- ERP software can be purchased on a privately hosted server or as a service model. Cloud ERP functionality can usually be delivered more quickly, although in both cases, companies need to set aside time for planning, data migration, customization and configuration, and staff training.
  • Cloud-based ERP:- Enterprise resource planning software hosted offsite on ERP vendor servers and provided as a service by accessing via a web browser.
  • Hosted ERP:- A company or a hosting provider manages the deployment of ERP software as well as related infrastructure