What to Expect From a Japan Tour

By | March 16, 2021

Here is a shortcut for your perfect Japan vacation. If you are planning for a Japan tour then you have come to the right place. Here we have come up with top places to visit in Japan that are rated by visitors like you. However, before we head further, people planning for Japan vacation can book their japan tours through https://www.inspiringvacations.com/au/japan-tours 

So, what are the best Japanese vacation spots?

The Coolest Japan Tourism places?

Your basic List Of "Must Visit In Japan"?

Here it comes

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

For those of you interested in the History of Japan, you'll find no better place to learn about World war 2 as a turning point in Japanese history. The park in Hiroshima is dedicated to Peace.

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Japanese culture and art have become alive in the gold Pavilion, Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Japanese Rock Gardens. Take the Shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto, for an exciting trip. On the way, you will see Mt Fuji, Mount Majestic Japan.


The striking beauty of the Nikko Temple complex makes it one of the most popular places to visit in Japan. Don't miss the surrounding National Park which is very romantic, especially during Autumn when foliage colors paint the trees.

Mt Fuji

One of the most known symbols of Japan, with its beautifully symmetrical volcanic cone, and the five lakes around the northern part of it, is one of the must-see Japanese Attractions.