Why Every Home Should Have Tap Water Filter

By | December 15, 2021

Did you know that cancer-causing chemicals, prescription drugs, and even toxic hormones have been found in public water supplies? A tap water filter is the easiest way to protect yourself and your family from these contaminants. However, let's take a look at all your options so you can make the right decision.

If you're like me, you want to find a way to purify your water effectively and inexpensively. You will find three basic water purification technologies. They are carbon block filters, reverse osmosis and distillation. You can buy the best tap water filter for your home via https://healthyhabitats.com.au/.

You can quickly remove reverse osmosis and distillation from your short list for three very important reasons.

1. Both are designed for industrial use. Reverse osmosis and water distillation were created to provide mineral-free water for industrial use. I am surprised that people actually use this housing system to provide drinking water for their families.

2. Neither reverse osmosis nor distillation can remove all the contaminants found in tap water. Reverse osmosis systems cannot remove synthetic chemicals from water because their molecules are smaller than water. This system can only remove larger contaminants from water.

Distillation of water only removes substances with a higher boiling point than water, such as synthetic chemicals. Organic chemicals, on the other hand, boil at submerged temperatures, which allows them to pass through the water. 

3. The cost of producing filtered water in both systems is more than twice as high as in the carbon block system. Reverse osmosis water costs about 24 cents per gallon, while a water distillation system costs about 26 cents per gallon to operate.