Why Install A Performance Exhaust System

By | October 20, 2021

There are numerous benefits to adding a performance exhaust system to your vehicle. These benefits can be fitted under two categories: vanity and performance. 

Many people consider the vanity benefits – the increase in sound and style, but they don’t consider what a new exhaust system can do for their engine’s performance. 

Installing a performance exhaust system like the Holden Ve-VF collection will not only make your car look cool, but will also help it to run more efficiently. 

Improved Sound

Installing a performance exhaust system will give your exhaust a more aggressive sound. You know the one — deep, rumbling, and super cool. Depending on the exhaust system you choose, the sound will vary. 

A performance exhaust system sounds stronger and more powerful than most stock systems. This rumbling sound is created by using slightly larger pipes than your average stock model.

Improved Style

The exhaust system’s job is to remove dirty air from the engine. Your vehicle’s stock exhaust system will do the trick, but it won’t look very cool doing it. Adding a performance exhaust system will improve the overall style of your vehicle. Whether it’s steel, aluminum, or some other material, an aftermarket exhaust system will leave your vehicle sounding and looking like a race car.

Improved Horsepower

As stated above, your exhaust's job is to remove dirty air from the engine. A performance exhaust system simply does this job more efficiently. When your engine can breathe better, it is able to draw in more air with each cycle, thereby increasing the power of your engine.