Why Is A Logbook Car Service Important?

By | August 23, 2021

You must keep your logbook service records if your car is covered by a warranty. Logbook car services are necessary for new cars. The expert and reliable log book service in Castle Hill, Sydney will provide you with the benefit of saving your money over the life of the vehicle.

You can file a claim under your warranty if something happens to you, regardless of whether you are at fault. If you don't have the documentation to prove you received the necessary services, the dealer may refuse to pay and void your warranty. 

The most important part of vehicle servicing during the first few years of ownership is changing the oil and filter. This is because the engine's microscopic machining "burrs" are worn away while it rotates many thousand times per hour.

Contrary to popular belief, you must take your car to an independent mechanic to have it serviced during the warranty period. This will keep your new car warranty in effect. This is because customers have to come for service after their first two services at the dealership. 

They then find many problems that were not obvious to the service center, and they don't have to repair it under warranty. Service centers do not make any money off these problems but are truly looking out for the best interests of the car owner. The problem is not these service centers or the car owners. It is the responsibility of the dealer to keep their warranty.