How To Get The Best Golf Club Fitting

By | October 23, 2021

A club fitting is a fast and simple way to improve your game. What questions should you ask if you're looking for a driver or a hybrid? How can you ensure you're happy with the fitting of your new club? 

1. There are many golf clubs available. It is important to recognize your level of skill. Every manufacturer offers a variety of options for high and low handicappers. You can also get SkyTrak golf launch monitor and simulator unit online. You need to be familiar with the center gravity of your club. A low center of gravity will allow you to get your golf ball higher and will result in greater distance.

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2. Before you buy a club, it is essential that you can hit the golf clubs on real grass and observe the ball's flight. A Professional will also use a launch monitor to help you buy the clubs. The launch monitor will show statistics like swing speed and spin rate. This information will enable the club fitter to determine the right shaft for you.

3. How can find a qualified fitter for the club? 

Ask for a qualified fitter at your local golf shop. Ask the fitter how the fitting process will be and ensure that you feel comfortable. It is crucial that you are prepared with the right questions for your fitter once you have chosen your fitter.