How To Stop A Panic Attack While Flying

By | October 26, 2020

Many experts suggest breathing exercises on a plane as a way to prevent a panic attack, and it can certainly work. However, there are other steps to help reduce the likelihood of one happening. 

People who are afraid to fly may be afraid of an airplane crash or are likely to stay in confined spaces for several hours. For more information about nervous flyer visit

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Statistics prove that flying is one of the safest ways to travel and is actually safer than driving. The chances of a plane crash are very slim. Be rational with your thoughts and avoid thinking about plane crashes, especially before the flight.

Controlling your imagination can be difficult, but doing so can help a lot. Our imagination is extremely powerful, but it can work against us many times. Because the nervous system reacts to visualizing exactly the way it experiences a real, just thinking something bad can trigger anxiety symptoms.

Instead of trying to stop thinking about something bad happening, think of something positive instead. The distraction technique is a simple way of how to stop a panic attack and break the cycle of fear.

Meditation coupled with visualization exercises can soothe you deeply and remove your thoughts from negative images. Do breathing exercises regularly so that it becomes a habit. Start sitting somewhere and take continuous and deep breaths.