Selecting the Best Vending Machine Service in Toronto

By | October 29, 2020

Vending machines can improve workplace productivity because they provide workers and employees with an economical and convenient way to access snacks and drinks and sustain them during working hours.

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There are three main things you should consider while buying vending machines:

  1. Choose a service that allows you to customize your product selection – allowing you to select items that meet the preferences of your office employees. Coffee, snacks and soda are a given. You may also want to add healthy sources of energy, such as health drinks, fruit juices, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit and more. The right mix and selection will satisfy everyone and get them through the workday energized and alert.
  2. How often are the vending machines serviced, restocked, checked for any problems, and cleaned? Choose a reliable provider that follows full support and service. At Sun Vending, vending machines are serviced at least once every week, and up to thrice weekly when necessary (depending on usage). The vending service company should also supply extras like sweeteners, sleeves, stirrers, cups, and lids.
  3. Good customer service is very important. You can assess the quality of support you can expect from a vending service company by asking questions-lots of them-and observing how well they respond. During your initial consultation, ask questions like what type of products they think are suitable for your workspace, what payment options they offer, and what sets their company apart from other vending machine providers. Sign up with a vendor who is willing to answer all of your questions patiently. This shows that they care enough to give you the service you need. Don't hesitate to ask for client references and call actually them to ask about their experience. This will help you make an informed decision.