The Dead Sea Salt

By | January 18, 2021

The minerals found in the Dead Sea salt are naturally present in human skin cells, however this often gets depleted causing severe dryness, wrinkles and dull, lifeless skin. However, when Dead Sea salt is used regularly, it helps to replenish these essential minerals restoring the lost nutrients to the skin and thus helping to prevent further ageing. It has been scientifically proven that salt water revitalizes the body, helping to repair any damage caused by the environment and lifestyle. By taking a regular bath with Dead Sea salt your skin will be revitalized and hydrated to provide a bounce back to your youthful appearance.

Most people only think of the salt when they have to take their baths however there are many other benefits to regular sea bathing, which you might not have realized. It has long been known for its anti-ageing properties and these have been proven to be very true using the unique combination of minerals found in the Dead Sea salt. There are many of these benefits but also some you might not have thought possible. Here we will look at some of these other benefits of dead sea salt.

You might think that salt from the sea would be salty, but actually it is far from being so. The minerals found in these salts act as a natural boost to the immune system helping to increase the number of white blood cells and thereby increasing your resistance to infection. This is because when our immune systems are boosted we are less likely to get sick. The same properties are at work when taking table salt, only these salt minerals are extracted much more efficiently and so are more readily absorbed leading to an overall improvement in your health.

There are two different types of salt, rock salt and edible salt. The former is harvested from the sea floor, while the latter is harvested from the Dead Sea. The type of sea floor on which the salt is harvested will have the largest influence on the mineral content of the salt. Rock salt is harvested from the lowest place on the ocean floor whilst edible salt is found at the greatest depths.

We know that the Dead Sea contains many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine, zinc, iron, sodium, sulphur etc. However, there are many more that are not so well known. As well as minerals, salt from the Dead Sea is high in magnesium, sodium and potassium and has almost twice as much potassium as table salt. This makes it very useful for making low sodium diabetic friendly beauty products such as chocolate kisses and ice cream. One of its uses is in curing gastritis. This brings relief to those suffering with this painful condition.

Calcium and magnesium are also contained in salt from the dead sea salt. These two important minerals play an important role in keeping the skeletal system strong. Salt from the Dead Sea is said to help in treating cramps and rheumatism and also relieving asthma. The mineral content of this salt helps make colloidal silver a useful medicine for asthmatics. The mineral content helps treat a wide range of illnesses and is particularly beneficial for athletes and people suffering from kidney stones. Athletes can use it to alleviate muscle pain and the mineral content of the salt prevents kidney stones from forming.

In addition to these abilities, salt from the Dead Sea contains many other health-care qualities. It is said to be good for the eyes and skin, good for the heart, and has cleansing properties which are particularly helpful for individuals suffering from asthma and sinus problems. Moreover, regular sea salt has a high concentration of potassium which improves blood circulation. Its regular usage also reduces hair loss and improves hair texture and colour. Many people with eczema use regular sea salt for its moisturizing effects and many people who suffer from psoriasis and eczema use it to treat the dry skin condition.

Bromide is another interesting characteristic of the Dead Sea. Bromide is an ionic sulphur that aids in restoring the normal levels of alkaline substances in the body and is useful in alleviating symptoms of high blood pressure, depression, chronic fatigue, and ulcers. This mineral is also an active ingredient of many toothpastes and is used to treat skin disorders like acne and dandruff. Bromide is beneficial for women's skin as it balances the pH level in the scalp. Regular use of Dead Sea salts also releases large quantities of sodium and potassium into your body, which is helpful in decreasing your salt levels and thus lowering your blood pressure.