What Is The Difference Between A Roof Plumber, Roofer Or A Roof Contractor?

By | November 24, 2021

Many people are confused about roof plumbers, roofers and roof contractors. What is the difference between these three types? Here are the definitions for each term.

Roof Plumber

Roof plumbers are trained to install gutters, downpipes and rainwater tanks on residential and commercial buildings. They are also able to install roof sheeting and wall cladding. If you’re looking for an experienced roof plumber nearby then search online.

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They can read and understand technical diagrams, which allows them to install roof drainage systems at different angles within houses. They calculate the pitch and size of roofs to ensure that rainwater tanks collect the most water.


Roofer can be used to refer to anyone who works on roofs. A roofer could be a licensed roofing contractor or a general contractor who does roofing work. It is crucial that you verify whether the person you are hiring is licensed before you make a decision to hire them. 

Unlicensed roofers can be brought in by licensed roofing contractors to help him with his work. This is okay. Unlicensed roofers should not be hired to do their own work. Before hiring a roofer, make sure you get a copy of the contractor's and driver's licenses.

Roofing Contractor

A government-issued license certifies that a roofing contractor is qualified and trained to repair, replace and fix roofs. Most roofing contractors are skilled and trained to do the work. Sometimes, however, they may hire a subcontractor who will do the work. 

Some roofing contractors are employees of a roofing company. It is rare for roofing contractors to work on their own. They often bring along a team of skilled and trained workers.