How To Find A Good Counselor And Psychotherapist?

By | June 8, 2022

It is hard enough to know how to access help for your mental health. But once you have done so, you may be overwhelmed by the number of therapists available. Talking to your doctor, or another trusted person, might be a good idea in the first instance. For a variety of reasons, you may decide not to seek out psychological services from your General Practitioner. 

You can navigate to contact a psychotherapist counselor. You should ensure that the counselor has the required qualifications and is registered with a governing organization. They must adhere to their code of ethics, code and complaints procedure. 

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Your therapist must have insurance and evidence of their annual continuing professional development. This is mandatory for both clinical supervision as well as professional practice. They should, for example, provide at least one and a quarter hours of supervision per eight hours of counseling that they offer their clients. You should also know who their supervisor is. Due to the intensity of their work, a counselor or psychotherapist would normally only be able to do five sessions of counseling per day.

Your therapist should be able to show proof of their training, including how many hours and what level they received. They may have five years of full-time University study or more and over eight hundred hours of practice.