How To Operate Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers

By | July 21, 2020

All automatic pool safety cover systems have the same basic design which consists of a flexible cover material, a drum roller, a monitoring system with a rope, the coils and a powertrain.

Pulling the pool cover material is affected by rotation of the roller drum to which the cover ends, while pulling the pool cover is accomplished by the rotation of a coil assembly which cables recovery wrap on. You can also buy best pool covers and rollers from various online sources. 

The cables and cover material running through a track multichannel having a pulley at one end. The strings are then threaded through a pulley system which conveys the rope take coils.

Electric motor driven – This type of system is driven by a number of sizes and brands of electric gear motors (adapted to the size and the pool cover the configuration) placed at the driving end of the mechanism. 

The gear motor rotates in the direction of desired coverage of travel. direction switching is achieved by a set of mono-dog single reverse gear and a double dog gear. 

Adjustable torque limiters are used to limit stress on the system at the ends of the lids move as well as acting as stop sensors. 

Motor hydraulic fluid – This type of system is actuated by a hydraulic fluid pressure generated by a hydraulic pump, which is usually located in the buffer pool equipment. 

The hydraulic pressure (usually less than 1000 psi.) Is powered by two hydraulic lines of the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor or motors to the drive end of the mechanism. 

With a single hydraulic motor application of the same dog twice as above is used for travel switching direction.