What Kind Of Kids Blackout Curtains Are Available?

By | October 21, 2021

Kids blackout curtains are more often than not required when it comes to bedrooms of kids. But what exactly is a kids blackout curtain? How can parents ensure that their kids enjoy the comforts of the bedroom while still being kept safe from the harmful effects of too much light? The answer lies in understanding the different types of kids curtains and choosing the right one for your child's needs.

There are two main categories of kids blackout curtains, there are the standard six sizes and then there are the kids sizes that are smaller. The common standard size fabric that is used for these curtains is nylon. There are also two different fabrics that are available for this, one is a two piece design which is usually a hooded type of material which has two separate panels while the other has only one panel and the bottom is plain.

There are some kids blackout curtains which have a hood at the top, usually with a Velcro opening on each of the sides. Parents like to use these because they are easy to maintain, washable and they offer good nights rest without worry. There are many parents who like the double sided variety of these as they have a strip of fabric on each side that can be unfolded to cover the entire room. In the morning, simply unfold the strip of fabric, pull it down and then it can be slid back over the head of the bed.

The single sided kids blackout curtains are a bit harder to clean than the two piece design, you will need to vacuum or wash and dry them on a gentle cycle. The reason for this is that there is no Velcro opening on the panels. It would seem that using these in a room where the window faces south would not be a good idea because although they would keep the light out, it would keep the light from coming into the room through the bottom half of the window. If you live in a colder climate where the windows face west or east, the six sizes of these that are made for winter will work well.

A few things you may want to take into consideration when shopping for these kids blackout curtains are what the window treatment is made of, especially if you are having a child in the house. Many of the fabrics on the market today are made with polyester. Polyester is a man made fiber which is durable and it resists fading. Linen is also another material that you might consider but it too will fade and get threadbare in a short period of time. If you decide on one of these fabrics for your kids room darkening window treatment, you may want to consider purchasing blinds made of fabric which is darker.

If you are shopping for curtains for a child's room you may want to look for a kids blackout curtains with a valence or a window shade. The valence will provide privacy while still allowing air flow through the room. The window shade is placed over the top of the blackout blinds which keeps out the sunlight. This type of kids blackout curtains is usually made of cotton twill which makes it very durable.

If you are looking for kids blackout curtains that come with a matching valance, you will be able to find many of these fabrics at any department store. However, if you would rather buy them from a kids bedroom store, you will find that there are many stores that sell them that are made from different types of fabric. You should check out several stores so that you can compare the prices so that you can get the perfect blackout for your kids room.

There are some really nice blackout blinds that you can purchase for your kids room. A popular brand name isylene spray. This material is used in making many blinds and it also comes in curtains. This is a great choice because it is made up of polyethylene terephthalate which is resistant to ultraviolet light. Another type of material that you might want to consider for your kids room is vinyl. Vinyl is also resistant to ultraviolet light.